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Thoughtful produce for mindful people.

instagram-logo fb logo  Mundy St, Hart's Mill Precinct, Port Adelaide  |  Every Sunday 9am - 2pm
Looking for locally sourced, seasonal, minimal spray or organic, farm fresh produce and delicious foodie stalls


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ā€œMy name is Steph Taylor. I am the proud operator of Wild at Hart fresh food market in Port Adelaide. I am not government or council. I am a person doing something I believe in. Doing something for the community I love. Doing something for a suburb I would die for. And these are not unusual traits for a Port Adelaide resident.
It has taken the spirit of many who have offered their time, and the handful of people and organisations in the Port community who have rolled up their sleeves or provided funding to help get this started: Renewal SA (whose plan it was to have a thriving market at Hartā€™s Mill Precinct), Port Enfield council and a steady trickle of creative and tireless locals. My advice to those uncertain about whether Port Adelaide is changing, ā€˜happeningā€™, or starting to find itself again is to take a look and discover as the early settlers did. Explore, educate and join in. And like my mother always says ā€œIf you donā€™t have something positive to say, then try to be constructive.ā€
Open Sundays from 9am to 1pm. Available is local produce, ethically sourced and produced, plenty of organic food, yummy meals made to order or freshly baked, loads of healthy options, juice, coffee, smoothies, this is something for everyone finally in the Hart of the Port on a Sunday .ā€ steph signature xx white


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